Joonas Takes It Back To The 80s With “Taking It Good”

Joonas has always had a special connection to music, and the theme of the 1980s inspired and influenced him as well.

He recently released a new song called “Taking It Good,” which is so energetic and jam-worthy thanks to him.

Joonas tells us he wanted to capture and run with the enigmatic, yet proactive, evolving, yet seductive feel that generally occurs through the generation’s video games and motion pictures.

The London-based singer thought back to all the controlling exes he had in the past and the time he felt he was being drawn in a million different directions.

His description of how he felt at the time is filled with raw emotion, and it is guaranteed to transfer cold sweat down your back.

The Norwegian-born artiste is sure that his enthusiasts and all other listeners of this song will receive such good vibrations from him.

He opines every song with an interpretive framework, revealing sides of himself that he may not have nevertheless encountered in reality.

Listen to the song below and follow him on Tik Tok and Instagram.


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