Joonas Makes Music Pleasure In New Single “Hazel Eyes”

Joonas Makes Music Pleasure In New Single “Hazel Eyes”

Under no circumstances can one let love for someone cause them to lose who they are. You can’t subject yourself to it.

Well, UK-based singer, Joonas is out once again with this new single he has labeled “Hazel Eyes” which is a passionate ode to the music that gave him life.

Themeing of abandoning oneself for someone who won’t ever absolutely adore you again and being comfortable with it was combined with energetic power ballads in his concept.

Joonas is a highly private and enthusiastic artist who is motivated by the notion that the most important consideration in any choice should be affection.

This song serves as another piece of evidence that the Norwegian-born performer has a strong sense of musicality.

Excellent intuition and skill and he does a good job of expressing feeling which seems as though he wrapped a storm in music.

He creates all of his songs with an inquisitive perspective, discovering facets of himself he would not have yet encountered in real life.

Listen to the song below and follow him on Tik Tok and Instagram.

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