Jonathan Harrington’s “Holding On To Me” An Anthem For The Broken Hearted?


Jonathan is a Tusla, United based musician and a songwriter who emerged to the music scene with two releases in the spring of 2022, “Last Call” and “Get Away”. He’s out again with the third single from his upcoming album titled “TIME/PLACE”. In his new release “Holding On To Me” Jonathan’s distinctive style and composition are on full display.

Jonathan Harrington's "Holding On To Me" An Anthem For The Broken Hearted?
Jonathan Harrington’s “Holding On To Me” An Anthem For The Broken Hearted?


Heavily affecting ballad “Holding On To Me,” is a confession of fear to a future lover, a tender meditation on the fears at the core of relationships that blends indie pop and folk. On the release of “Holding On To Me”, Jonathan said, “Insecurity is something that seems baked into a lot of people’s experiences with romantic relationships. For a long time, my feelings of inadequacy held me back from intimacy, and ‘Holding On To Me’ came out of that time. I hope this song can be a comfort to people experiencing that kind of hurt and anxiety.”

When you listen to Jonathan’s releases, you’ll see that he’s not only a talented songwriter but also a visionary artist who has the potential to take the independent music industry by storm with his melodic beauty, poetic intent, and unwavering passion.


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