Jon Vinyl Presents New Soft-Centered Single “Entice Me”

So much love and affection are displayed in Jon Vinyl’s new track “Entice Me,” and it certainly made us love every bit of it.

The new single offers very sweet and amorous sensations backed with lovely vocals and silky melodies you can’t resist and is prepared for even more after a successful run

His feelings and sentiments are pretty evident as he sings passionately and stretches his smooth strings and skilfully weaves them among mystical instrumentals and dreamy chord progressions

Now this includes wonderful sounds all of which are captivating set over a thoughtful beat, and the 23-year-old singer reveals further dimensions of his skill and creativity.

Jon’s capacity to convey his emotional experiences into a universal denominator across his fans will undoubtedly expand into further effective songwriting.

The song establishes the mood for additional songs and the next move in developing a stronger relationship with her admirers in addition to demonstrating the progression of his music.

Listen to the song below and follow him on Twitter and Instagram


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