John Linhart Delivers a Masterpiece LP

John Linhart Delivers a Masterpiece LP

John Linhart Delivers a Masterpiece LP

When EDM rubs shoulders with a powerful voice, John Linhart is never far away. Partially thanks to his musical parents, John’s first emotions take a decisive course. Behind his British surname, which he takes from his father, lingers a French singer, songwriter and guitar enthusiast.

John Linhart Delivers a Masterpiece LP

John Linhart


In 2016 after several years playing with Folk and Rock bands in France, he moves to London and starts working with local EDM producers and DJs On his return to Paris, nourished by a strong appetite for Pop, Electro and House, he releases his first single, “Take me to the islands”, thus laying the foundations of his own musical world with Pop and Soul melodies, backed by heady rhythmic instrumentals.


Current spring 2019, John Linhart signs with French publisher ‘Musigamy‘ and delivers a series of new tracks. In association with DJ and producer Jack Mallett he releases “Move On” and the touching and intimate track “Can’t Stop Now”. These strong links between EDM and Pop become his real musical DNA.


John Linhart Delivers a Masterpiece LP

John Linhart – It’s On Me


In 2020 John multiplies his collaborations working with artists such as ‘Axmod’ or ‘Vilda’ under the banner ‘Sidekick’ and ‘Djs like “its Benzzo and ‘Skulljom’ with Spanish label ‘Blanco y Negro’. 2020 is also the year of the making of his first LP for which he surrounds himself with several talented artists from the Electro musical world, such as ‘Seth XVI’ or ‘Mat Hours’.

An LP that promises a perfect blend of John Linhart’s multiple musical tendencies. A spicy cocktail guaranteed


  • It’s On Me
  • Make it Easy
  • Supernatural
  • Wide Awake
  • Every Time
  • Power of Love
  • Let me Know
  • Something New

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