Joe Samba Releases A Perfect-Positive Reggae Dubbed ‘Losing It’ feat The Elovaters

Joe Sambataro, a.k.a. Joe Samba, is a long-lost East Coast treasure. Having a vocal range unequalled by anyone in the industry, Joe Samba is on his way to becoming a household star. His guitar skills and songwriting are also exceptional.

It’s a novel and distinctive approach to reggae music that encompasses reggae ska, rock, alternative, and more.

Joe has been fronting several bands for much of his life. In 2019, Joe Samba’s first album, The Wrong Impression, debuted at number one on Billboard’s Reggae Chart as his solo effort.

“Losing It” with Jackson Wetherbee from the reggae-rock band The Elovaters delivers one of the more lighthearted glances of that period.

For whatever reason, this is the artist’s first release under the new alias, which he chose since he believes the old one didn’t reflect the ideals and good messages he espouses in his music.

After a fan pointed out to Joe that the (now obscure) name “Sambo” is a racially insensitive legacy of the Jim Crow era and a word that holds a sad history in America as a disparaging moniker for people of African origin, Joe made the choice.

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