Joe McAvoy Drops His Christmas Single “A Christmas Tune”

Joe McAvoy’s new video “A Christmas Tune” premiered today. This honest and authentic video contains an array of organic “home videos” like photos of everyday Christmas images of families and friends celebrating the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ.

A Christmas Tune, the song was originally written by Joe McAvoy. McAvoy has remarked that “the song lyrics, music, and melody came to him in an ocean-wave-like moment of inspiration nearly fully realized.

This was a first for this songwriter. The song is written with the notion of “keeping Christ in Christmas” in response to the commercial and secular nature of Christmas in present times. For instance, the third verse even mentions Linus from Charlie Brown’s speech of “what Christmas is really about” from McAvoy’s favourite Christmas-themed special “A Charlie Brown Christmas”.

While the video covers this theme, it is also a video tribute to victims of the Sandy Hook, CT shooting tragedy which occurred just days after the song was written.
Besides his solo material, McAvoy is also part of the song-writing duo known as Germany Hill.

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