Jo’ Wayne – This Is Nothing For the Radio (EP)


The Savage Haven Records Boss Jo’ Wayne outs a great set of songs on his newly released album titled “This Is Nothing For The Radio“. Jo’ Wayne is a singer who is into the Afropop, hiphop and R&B genres. He’s been active on the music scene since 2012 and has released two trial EPs (extended plays) namely; “S.T.A.R.” and “Not Just About The Dance”.

These EPs were amazing but were only experimental because Wayne was on the quest to finding his sound as the S.T.A.R. EP was mainly R&B and Hiphop oriented whereas the Not Just About The Dance EP was hugely afropop/Afrobeats oriented with only one R&B song.

Jo' Wayne - This Is Nothing For the Radio (EP)
Tracklist for “This Is Nothing For The Radio” EP

After a while now and finding his true sound, Jo’ Wayne has come up with his first official EP which he calls; “This Is Nothing For The Radio”. In a chat with him, he revealed that the idea of the EP’s name came to him whiles he was trying to find out ways to promote his type of music on the mass media with his “tiny” budget.

He realised that he wasn’t having the funds to promote his works and so he resorted to recording a tape which he wouldn’t send to the radio for promo anyway, thus, the choice of name.

Jo' Wayne - This Is Nothing For the Radio (EP)
Jo Wayne

The EP is comprised of 5 songs which cut across the genres of Hiphop, R&B and afropop. Jo’ Wayne’s style of music can be said to be the kind that soothes your ears and is highly melodic in all ways – from instrumentation to vocals. You definitely must listen to this tape.

Jo' Wayne

Jo’ Wayne drops his newly album titled “This is nothing fo the Radio”


Check him out on Twitter (@Waynestrumental), Instagram (@Waynestrumental) Facebook (Jo’Wayne) and Soundcloud (Jo’ Wayne).

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