JiLLi Releases A Phone Call Themed Track Dubbed ‘Hi How Are You?’

JiLLi, a singer and songwriter from Los Angeles who was born in New York, captivates her audience with her powerful vocals and witty lyrics. Finding fresh methods to exhibit one’s creativity on a regular basis.

Since she was six years old, JiLLi has been playing the guitar and singing in rock bands. Pop music is given a new twist with this song’s phone call-themed premise, which has witty lyrics and beautiful vocals.

JiLLi’s three-song EP “Bittersweet” has this tune as the second one. The project sounds like a middle finger coated in sprinkles, which is a testament to both its excellent branding and its innovative musical composition.

At its core, “Bittersweet” reveals JiLLi’s heartbreaking depiction of us all via tunes that seamlessly merge Pop and electronic music with witticism and soulful vocals, resulting in an album that is both personal and universal.

JiLLi’s changing plot is explored via music that intensifies and adapts to the EP’s growing storyline.

An emotional conclusion to the saga, “Hi How Are You” finds the young artist grappling with her sadness but also discovering the value of her own worth and dignity.

JiLLi tries to overcome in “Better,” which celebrates her audacious effort while simultaneously snarking and jabbing at the same time as she floats off into the sunset into a more free and unconstrained existence.

Bittersweet, despite its call to action, invites listeners to feel just as triumphant as they are empowered when they prevail over the deepest problems of the heart.


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