Jhehlah Talks About His New Single ‘Short Skirt’, Inspirations, Looks And More

Jhehlah Talks About His New Single ‘Short Skirt’, Inspirations, Looks And More

Nigerian born artist, Jhehlah shares extras on his new debut single, music video, probable collaborations and much more on an interview with us today.

Born King Kennedy Oliver, Jhehlah is a burgeoning act who has his songs rooted in both Nigerian and Ghanaian sounds; mainly Pop and Highlife, which explains why his music exudes an epic undercurrent of both countries.

A talented singer and storyteller, Jhehlah seeks to express his heartfelt emotions through love songs which are his gift to beauties all around the world. With his debut single ‘Short Skirt’ slowly sneaking onto the airways and playlists, Jhehlah is super confident about making his much-deserved mark a timeless one.

Catch up on our conversation with Jhehlah and be sure to check out the stunning music video for his debut single ‘Short Skirt’ below.


  1. Who is Jhehlah?

Real name, King Kennedy Oliver is professionally known by stage name “Jhehlah”, is a Nigerian-born musician, songwriter and Afro-Pop singer whose songs are rooted in both Nigerian and Ghanaian Pop/Highlife nuances.

  1. Is this your first official single/video? If yes, tell us about it and the inspiration behind it?

Yes ‘Short Skirt’ is my first official debut single and music video as an official artist. I have been working on perfecting my craft to come out as an artist who is ready for the industry in terms of creating industry standard contents so that I don’t come as a learner but as an artist who is ready to take the industry by storm.

I wrote and recorded ‘Short Skirt’ 5 years ago but any time I played the demo it gives me good vibes because of that classic Highlife melodies on the beat, it’s too sweet to let it go, so I decided to share with the world just to see their reactions but fortunately, it’s been amazing feedback which gives me more confidence to let release more feel-good music.

The inspiration came from the beat, as a kid I grew up enjoying that sweet Highlife melodies when I was growing up in Ghana, so it was easy for me to have fun with the music. The songwriting on the track is still relevant today as true love songs never get outdated, everyone needs a bit of love and admiration in the world we live in today. As my first single/video I had to bring the sound quality to industry standard and shot a great music video for it and for my brand introduction into the market.

Jhehlah Talks About His New Single ‘Short Skirt’, Inspirations, Looks And More
  1. Per your assessment, what has changed in the music industry as far as COVID-19 is concerned?

The music industry has become more digital than before. For example, like live stream performance and more online interactions with fans and the media has become a norm since the COVID-19 restricted movement and physical interactions.

What has changed is the fact that musicians are not able to tour and meet their fans in the same electrified venues, but I trust all that will be back in action soon, this is why I am strategically promoting my brand at this quiet times so that I can get the attention I need to grow my brand and by the time life gets back to normal I will be rocking them venues with the performance of my releases lol.

  1. Are there any artists you’re looking to collaborate with?

For now, none. I want to build confidence in my brand with my music, the Jhehlah music then in the feature I can see how the synergy goes in line with collaboration with other artists.

For now, I am open to collaborate with music composers/producers with music/beats that would bring the best part of my songwriting to light. I enjoy creative challenges lol.

  1. According to rumour mill, the ladies can’t get enough of you. Mind sharing your secret?

The ladies inspire my songwriting I can’t lie lol. So, I guess I am in the market mostly for the ladies as my songs adores them, so this makes them feel special when they listen to my song or watch my music video. As a gentleman who is making music for the ladies, I take care of myself from fashion, lifestyle to fitness I keep it 100%, so when they see me they know that they can’t get enough of me because I have made it a norm to keep bringing freshness to the game.

  1. What’s next after ‘Short Skirt’?

I will be releasing a follow-up single and if the feedback looks great, I will drop an EP after that. The good thing is that I have shot music videos for almost all the EP tracks. Fans should expect my new singles or EP with dope visuals same time with the song

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