Jessy Unleashes New Stunning Freestyle


Jessy Unleashes New Stunning Freestyle

I barely listen to Ewe rappers just because i find some difficulty in understanding the language.

At least, the likes of Edem have made Ewe rap so pleasant to listen to and this has made me appreciate the others.

Obviously, you might not know a lot of upcoming Ewe rappers but this one right here is a beast.

Jessy Unleashes New Stunning Freestyle

He goes by the name Jessy and he is Ewe rapper. You might not understand the language but he has got it all.

The fast rising hip-hop artiste has released a number of fire songs and he is here again with yet another banger.

The Bless Nation rapper expresses his feelings in this latest freestyle and his delivery is absolutely stunning.

Jessy Unleashes New Stunning Freestyle

According to him, many situations encounter us at the same time,not knowing which one to tackle puts you in a state of mixed feelings.

Either to love or not,to attack or not,to be real or not or anything thing else.

The new freestyle dubbed “Mixed Feelings Freestyle” was specially made for your listening pleasure and trust me you will love it.

This is just a freestyle to express all these,love,life,loyalty etc,enjoy!
Listen to it hereĀ 

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