jaxsen – “THE PLAY”

Listening to the new Ep “THE PLAY” by jaxen, it’s hard to dispute that great talent is the foundation of each self-made musical composition.

jaxsen has been experimenting with music and sound production since he was 13 years old. His first EP, “drywall,” is an honest look inside the mind of an eighteen-year-old in a tiny town and is the result of years of experimentation and self-teaching.

jaxsen began dabbling in electronic music after the success of “drywall,” and the result was the track “becoming content.” The years since then has found him crafting some of his most personal music to date. A dramatic synthpop EP named “THE PLAY” was commissioned by jaxsen, who cites Grimes and girl in red as influences.

The release of “THE PLAY” follows a year in which jaxsen struggled so severely with mental health concerns that he had to take a break from school. It was his way of coping, creating an environment whose soundscapes were an accurate reflection of his own head. The hazy plot of the EP centres on the lost of a friendship between jaxsen and a childhood buddy.

You won’t need more than one listen to “THE PLAY” to fall in love with it; it’s that captivating. While jaxen faces stiff competition in the industry at the present, his ability and the wonderful work he has put into this release suggest that we will be hearing a lot more from him in the coming years.

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