Jasmine Ortiz Shares New Single “When Its All done”

Jasmine Ortiz continues to produce hit after hit and even made history by becoming only the second approved artist to film their music video at The University of Miami; second to no other than the ICON Drake.

When It’s All Done” was produced by Steff da Campo, a top International DJ from the Netherlands. Steff da Campo is no stranger to making chart-topping hits and scored a #1 hit on Beatport and #1 most played track for four straight weeks with “Make Me Feel” by Hexagon.

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In addition, Steff da Campo’s past collaborations include six remixes for Top 100 DJ Mag artists and reaching the Top 50 on Spotify in France. Steff da Campo’s background includes a combination between house, electro house, and groovy bass house that keeps you in the moment of dancing the night away and enjoying life to the fullest.

Continuing to innovate her sound, Steff da Campo brings a new twist to the discography for Jasmine Ortiz infusing high-tempo beats and synthesising the best elements of Jasmine’s voice to create a masterpiece for any fan of EDM, Dance, or Techno genres.

Jasmine’s original version of “When It’s All Done” reached over 1 Million views on YouTube and aims to expand her audience with this new remix version. This remix version is edgy and gives new life to the meaning behind her single of having relief by ending a toxic friendship and genuinely enjoying life with real friends.

Enjoy the music below and keep in touch with Jasmine Ortiz on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and don’t forget to subscribe to her YouTube account for more videos and music

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