Jacre Shares New Incredible Single Titled ‘The Way That Love Is’

Jacre is the artist name used by British singer/songwriter Julian Ransom. Because the artist name “Julian Ransom” was already in use, Julian chose to base the name on the sound of his initials, JKR, which he found to be more memorable. The name is pronounced, “Jayker.”

Julian had a lengthy and successful career in music, both as a writer and as a performer, throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s, which included composing and directing three full-length musicals. He subsequently took a lengthy vacation from music to focus on his company, and he just returned to it in late 2019 to begin composing again.

Singles are being released every 6-8 weeks, and they range from Indie-Folk to Progressive House in style and genre. Julian considers himself very fortunate to be working with some incredible producers and co-writing/collaborating with some really great musicians. Julian was discovered by a famous US producer when he posted teasers of his work on Instagram (Dean Miller, who produces Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson among others).

Dean encouraged Julian to go to Nashville to collaborate with him on his upcoming tunes. Julian accepted the invitation. Unfortunately, this has been postponed because of Covid-19, however, they are currently working remotely on three songs in order to complete it.

You discover right away that the singer has written some kind of horrific letter to everyone save his spouse, which is shown at the beginning of the film. At some point, it becomes evident that he is leaving for the sake of his partner, and that the letters he is writing will make it difficult for them to ever be back together once again.

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