J. Monaco Releases A Life-Changing Album Dubbed ‘Nature Rising’

In addition to being an accomplished musician, J. Mónaco is also a talented vocalist, songwriter, and film composer, smoothly blending many genres and styles.

He started playing the piano and singing at an early age when he was only a kid in Guadalajara, Mexico. His father has played music for him since he was a child. In addition to teaching Mónaco how to play many styles of music, he also introduced him to a wide range of musicians and genres.

Mónaco has always believed that music is a more powerful means of self-expression than any other. Initially, he wanted to play the drums, but his family didn’t have one, so he discovered the piano when he was 11 years old and realised he could play that, too.

Once Mónaco had been thoroughly immersed in progressive rock, Latin jazz, and other forms of these genres in China, he opted to study classical music at the Universidad de Guadalajara before embarking on his four-year musical journey to Hangzhou and Ningbo in the country.

Because of the way the songs are written and the stories they portray, he’s always been drawn to those subgenres.

J. Monaco Releases A Life-Changing Album Dubbed 'Nature Rising'
J. Monaco Releases A Life-Changing Album Dubbed ‘Nature Rising’

He draws inspiration from a variety of sources, combining them with his own narrative to create a therapeutic effect. Based in Guadalupe, Mexico, at this time. Before the pandemic, Mónaco returned to the studio and recorded his first album, “Nature Rising.”

“Nature Rising” signifies the beginning of a new chapter in his life, one in which he will be able to share his music with the world and enjoy the fruits of his labour. In gratitude for the opportunity to share his thoughts and feelings via his music, he hopes that it may help others recover.

J. Mónaco’s time in China, the people he met, and the landscapes he remembered are all reflected in this album. With a minimalistic aesthetic, his New album nonetheless offers a variety of moods and experiences that transport you to his existence in this lovely yet enigmatic nation.

The music’s ethereal depth represents both a Latin American spirit and a wide range of worldwide experiences. By exploring fascinating and energising harmony in his work, J. Mónaco is able to negotiate space’s nuance while also articulating an expansive range of modes and showing a prodigious sense of time.

As a producer and composer, his only focus is on creating new music for various projects, including the documentary “El Viaje De Paty,” directed by Santiago Pedroche, for which he is composing the score. He enjoys jogging, cooking, and spending time with his family and friends in his leisure time.

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