J Ice – Sunshine (Official Music Video)

Make room on your playlist for J Ice’s latest track, Sunshine, which will give your selections a much-needed boost.

Kriz BEATZ wrote the Highlife song, and Rex, who is also the director of the video, produced the video for the heartbreaking tune. Rex the director did an amazing job of capturing the essence of J Ice’s song with a traditional-themed music video that recounts a lovely love storey and has earned an astonishing 90,000 views on YouTube in only a few weeks.

The song talks about a love that brings joy and life to the listener, like the sun. It’s a beautiful love song about the brightness and unbreakable tie that true love brings to people’s lives. As a Highlife song, Kriz BEATZ’s well-crafted instrumentation provides the listener with an authentic Highlife feel.

Keeping an eye on J Ice and the Highlife movement gives music lovers, even more, hope that the tradition of Highlife will go on for generations to come.

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