It’s “Nobody’s Business” Who Wallis Falls In Love With

Talented North-London singer, Wallis has dropped this new single “Nobody’s Business” which shows her uncompromising side.

She doesn’t need your opinions, but the new song is directed at those who have solely chosen to meddle in her business and affairs.

She makes it very clear to anyone who is worried that your opinions don’t actually count, just like a malfunctioning calculator.

Wallis introduces a super duper tone to motifs of urban life and millennial love by fusing a celestial combination of R&B vocal harmonies and rap production, which makes her a versatile singer.

She sings with a blend of calm and enthusiastic desire that has deep affection as its subject matter, is perfect, and features a lovely melody.

Wallis’ tunes are really stylish, fusing rhythmic modern pop with urban musical styles like rap, grime, and trap as she is largely inspired by vocal legends like Ariana Grande, Whitney Houston, H.E.R, Normani, Little Mix, The Weekend, and Aretha Franklin.

Listen to the song below and enjoy every bit of it. Follow her as well on Facebook, Tik Tok, and Instagram.

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