Its A Love Season With “Plum” By Ruffin

Ruffin began the process of distributing his music in the Philadelphia region in 2018. His musical style was heavily influenced by bossa nova artists such as Marcos Valle, Joao Donato, and Wanda Sa. Throughout his career, he was influenced by a diverse spectrum of different musicians.

Movies give a great amount of inspiration and ideas for Ruffin, and he regularly pulls from this source. Musicians like Pharrell Williams, Mac Ayres, and Benny Sings are among the artists who affect him in terms of more recent sources of inspiration. 

He also admires Benny Sings. The most recent extended play (ep) by Ruffin, titled “Plum,” has been made available to the public in the city of Philadelphia. Throughout this lengthy work, the more romantic tones are explored. The author was in the mood to celebrate love, so he drank a lot of coffee and listened to a lot of bossa nova music, all of which led to the production of the song “Plum.” 

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Although songs like “Dark Roast,” “Still Friends,” and “Red Lights” each have their own individual musical presentation, they all have a common topic of love. “Dark Roast” is more of a love ballad than “Still Friends,” which has an unpredictability to it, and “Red Lights,” which is full of excitement!

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