Isabelle Fries Gives A Vivid Description Of Herself In “What Can I Do”

Isabelle Fries Gives A Vivid Description Of Herself In “What Can I Do”

In case you want to take a deep dive into the life of American singer Isabelle Fries then this is the perfect song to take you through.

“What Can I Do” emphasizes themes that embody the core of Isabelle’s life and music, including her love and advocacy for others, and also shares her thoughts on the influence she believes her music will have on her audience.

She held the notes, sustaining them with remarkable strength, tone, and control which is very impressive. She does it with so much ease.

Talking about the song, Isabelle says “Music has a way of making people feel things they didn’t know they could feel or needed to feel. It does that for me every day. Music meets you where you are emotionally and helps you find out where you need to go. It can help us all feel together in a healthy way.

But it can also help us understand that what we feel is okay. Sometimes in our world, we are told not to feel or not to break down and be human, but music helps us to remember that we can. That suffering is not a process that we have to endure alone.”

The Rob Chiarelli produced song saw Isabelle making an awesome vocal delivery and her thoughts were well carried so you can immerse yourself in them.

Beautiful sound and melodies coupled with well-written lyrics with the assistance of Seth Baer eventually keep you in that momentum.

Listen to the song below and make it yours. Also, follow her on social media via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

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