IRYS Returns With Her Newest Single ‘Riot’

IRYS is a singer, songwriter, and producer now residing in Berlin. IRYS has swiftly been dubbed as one of the most amazing dark pop rookies on a global scale.

She has been able to enthral both fans and critics alike with her eerie presence and extraordinary ability to write exceptional songs. IRYS is currently making her comeback with the release of her new song “RIOT”.

“RIOT” is an original song in its own right! Once again, the musician blends profound lyricism with a dark-pop sound that is both aggressive and energising.

IRYS Releases Her Newest Single 'Riot'
IRYS Returns With Her Newest Single ‘Riot’

IRYS’s vocals are given room to shine while building up to an infectious chorus thanks to a straightforward bassline in the manner of the 1980s. IRYS seems to be honing down on her distinctive sound with each new release, as shown by the fact that her latest single, “RIOT,” which clocks in at under three minutes yet is jam-packed with musical prowess.

IRYS’s music serves as an escape for her from the struggles that she has experienced. such as unhealthy relationships and difficulties with one’s mental health. Despite this, every one of her songs has a self-assured and upbeat perspective. It is consistent with the mindset of an IRYS fighter.

mostly write about difficulties and challenges. but when listening to my music. it often sounds more energetic than the sad story I wrote about I guess I subconsciously want to create something badass and don’t feel like wallowing in sadness IRYS is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and producer who writes. records and produces all her music in her bedroom. | love to be in my own musical bubble and translate what’s in my mind into music. It never felt right for me when others produced my music. and I find a song often loses its originality when it goes through too many hands. This is why I learned to produce myself. Plus, I really love to be my own boss!”

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