Irish-Based Moscow Native Larissa Torme Releases “The Christmas Wish”

Irish-Based Moscow Native Larissa Torme Releases “The Christmas Wish”

Larissa is accompanied by the children’s choir of St. Benignus National School, Balbriggan. The song was produced and recorded at Ventry Recording Studios by Dave McCune.

So, who is Larissa Tormey and what’s the shortest distance from Moscow, the capital of Russia, to the small town of Kilbeggan in the middle of Ireland? Why, by going straight from one heart to another, of course! And that’s exactly the route taken by singer, songwriter, and pianist Larissa Tormey when she fell in love with an Irishman on holiday, which led to her making the move from Moscow to the midlands.

And that move was also the beginning of Larissa’s journey into Irish music, where she has gone on to claim a place in the history books as the first-ever Russian professionally trained mezzo-soprano and a pianist, to make a name for herself on the country scene first and now combining her own contemporary pop songs with other genres then!

Larissa’s recorded output over the last few years is a good indicator of both her work ethic and her love of the studio, with four albums displaying her vocal prowess beginning with ‘Perfect As I Am’ in 2015, followed by ‘God Loves A Trier in 2017, ‘Cowgirls Don’t Cry’, in 2018 and ‘A Breath of Fresh Air’ in 2020. Larissa was also presented with the Sunday World’s Cultural Crossover Country Artist of the Year award in February of 2018. And won the Amazing Female Vocal award in the ‘Red Carpet Music Award’ in Holland in 2020.

During the last year, Larissa was working on her own original material, 4 of her songs are released, more are to come in 2021-2022. She is getting ready for her first solo concert in December and the release of a Christmas Single “Silent Night” recorded in 2 languages. Her positivity and energy, perfectly complemented by a sense of style and elegance, make Larissa a natural entertainer, on stage and off.

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