International cats day in honour of awesome cats

International cats day in honour of awesome cats

International cats day

International cat day is celebrated on 8th August and undoubtedly cats are one of the amazing creatures one can keep as a pet. Cats are mostly domestic mammals so there is no need distinguishing them from other felids and felines. Cats are mostly characterised with their flurry nature. Though there is an undying arguments to whether cats make a good companion compared to dogs, most people prefer having cats.

Cats usually have a life span of 2-16 years lifespan, making them a good companion through thick and thin. Scientists have confirmed the good that cats do to us, the play a major role in the upbringing of babies, the strengthen their immune system which help fight against respiratory infections. They also protect babies from dangers and harms.

Cats have the ability to sense whether its owner is in a good mood or not, whether they want to play or they just want to be alone. Mentally they help develop the brain of its pet owners especially children with autism as they help to develop their social skills.

Today been international cat day checkout some awesome pictures of these great friends


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