Indie-Pop Singer Ellie Moon Releases Her New EP ‘Bad TV’

Ellie Moon, a singer who was born in Liverpool and raised in Madrid, has released a new extended play (EP) titled “Bad TV.”

This compilation has four tracks: two from the previously published singles “Don’t Date Me” and “Internet Love,” as well as two songs that were written just for this release. The artist was born in Liverpool and reared in Madrid, and his lyrics tend to be witty and caustic, with a concentration on the commonplace and the unremarkable.

Speaking of the EP, Ellie explained:

For me, Bad TV feels like listening to your comfort show, living vicariously through the characters on your screen. I want people to feel that way when they listen to these songs! When I write, I love to sort of project silly insecurities that can sometimes eat you alive from the inside and make light of them. I want people to feel comforted and like they’re not alone and find light and humour in something that can feel quite dark. Each of the songs deals with a different aspect of things that spark up self-doubt, especially for people in my generation.

Her quirky melodies, razor-sharp humour, and lyrics, which draw upon the commonplace and banal to produce her own distinctive brand of songs, are sure to make the world fall in love with her all over again. Ellie Moon is like the poetic and melodic lovechild of Jarvis Cocker and Gwen Stefani. Think of her as the lovechild.

The title track and main single of the EP take her style to a new mellow realm of calm synthesisers and layered dream-pop vocals. She has evolved her music to incorporate groovy bass lines and excellent production to match addictive melodies.

I wrote this song about a month into the first lockdown in 2020, I was really stuck in that Netflix limbo binge watching three seasons of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills in less than 24 hours, not cute. I ended up living vicariously through all of these rich women on the TV having nowhere else to go and reminiscing on life pre-lockdown. But instead of wallowing I wrote this song as a comfort anthem to assure myself that what we see on the TV isn’t always real and that it’s okay to take some time out to feel sorry for yourself, curl up and watch some bad TV.

In other parts of ‘Bad TV,’ there is a song called ‘You Used To Be Fun,’ which begins with effects that lead into a spiral of funky chorus and flange. This contrasts with the voice-driven joyful verses of ‘Internet Love,’ which are included on the same album.

Ellie’s approach to bringing her music to life is something that is uncommon in the music business. She has a powerful visual campaign to correspond with the release of each track and her EP. If you want to imagine it, think of Vogue crossed with bedroom punk.

Creating the visuals for this project was so much fun. I’m fortunate enough to be surrounded by friends and family who are so creatively gifted, without them it wouldn’t be possible to make all my whacky ideas come to fruition. Each song has its own identity and I wanted to transfer that into the visuals. We shot most of them in my kitchen! I think they have a very cool DIY 2000s feel to it. Nostalgia was the goal.

Additionally, there are melodic parallels to the style of MARINA, but with a more aggressive personality to match. Ellie may have the appearance of the bubblegum-girl-next-door type, but she carries with her an attitude that is not to be trifled with.

Her music has catchy pop choruses that are combined with lively bass lines, snarky Casio noises, and other enticing sounds. Ellie’s lyrics, sometimes self-deprecating, add a layer of humour to the already extraordinarily joyful and approachable pop sound she creates, giving each song an endearing quality that is difficult to ignore.

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