Indie Pop Artist Lorelei Marcell Shares ‘Need Me’

As a child, Lorelei Marcell was born outside Philadelphia and raised in a suburb of Boston. She currently lives in Los Angeles, California. As of this writing, his music has been streamed more than a million times.

Indie Pop Artist Lorelei Marcell Shares 'Need Me'
Indie Pop Artist Lorelei Marcell Shares ‘Need Me’

She collaborated with JHart to write and record the majority of the EP. Music by Lorelei continues to transcend both time and genre. When it comes to R&B and indie pop, her abilities are always front and centre, and her new song “Need Me” is no exception.

In the midst of a tumultuous separation, Lorelei reflects on what kept her going and why she finally had to go. That he wanted her there was the one thing that made her happier than his presence itself; it was never a question of whether she wanted him around. Almost as if she was filling up the gaps in his life, she felt good about being needed.

It’s a song about how she continued falling for him over and again, and it’s backed by some very intense sound. It was a luxury for her to be in his life, even if he seemed to be willing to let her go, even though they spent every day together, made false promises, and hung out with their families. Having looked back, she realises that even if he had needed her, it would have been insufficient.

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