ILL Natured Dropping Some Heat With Their Ep – “ILL Natured EP”

ILL Natured is a Saigon, Vietnam-based group that is proficient in rap and hip-hop. Gangstarr, Wu Tang, and A Tribe Called Quest, among others, have inspired their style. Cosmic Rayne, Blaise, DJ Stav, Abstract Soundz, Kazanalam, and Caz make up the group. Cosmic Rayne is the driving force behind the formation of the organisation, and he also came up with the name. It sounded cool to the rest of the members, and they all agreed to follow his goal.

The members of ILL Natured had already met at the Saigon boombap gatherings that DJ Stav had been hosting. Before they formally joined a group, they worked on a few tunes because they were all interested in MCing, beat production, and DJing. Cosmic Rayne and Blaise published a three-track EP together and also appeared on the album “Abstract Archives” by Abstract Soundz 2021. But after recording ILL Natured Pt1(2020), Blaise and Cosmic Rayne approached the rest of the team with the notion of joining a collective and releasing a project.

The “ILL Natured EP” is all about nostalgia for golden period hip hop and their thoughts about the current status of hip hop. The ILL NATURED gang was formed on a rooftop overlooking the expansive skyline of Ho Chi Minh City out of a love for the hip hop art form. Regarding the production of the EP, it was truly a collective effort, with Cosmic Rayne mixing and mastering the entire project. There were a total of seven people involved in the recording of the EP, and everyone contributed. Caz, Blaise, Kazanalam, and Tuan SS composed and recorded the vocals. Additionally, Blaise produced “ILL Natured Pt.1.” DJ Stav produced and scratched the entire EP, “The Interlude.” Abstract Soundz created “Miraculous,” “Straight From the Heart,” “ILL Natured Pt2,” and the introduction. While the last track on the album, “Cause & Effect,” was co-produced by the entire group, it encapsulates the ILL Natured concept of getting together with the homies and having a good time playing music!

Classical hip hop and rap fans should hold tight to their seats, as Cosmic Rayne’s solo project is nearly complete and producer Abstract Soundz is collaborating with Hanoi-based MC Nook on an EP. Even whispers of a DJ Stav album exist! Nonetheless, all members of ILL Natured are eager to continue working and collaborating with other underground musicians in Saigon, Vietnam, and beyond. They have no doubt that they will produce more in the future!

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