Ibby VK Share His Latest Single ‘Heart Goes’

Ibby VK is a pop, folk, indie, and acoustic singer and songwriter from Dubai, UAE.

The path that was set before him after high school was chemical engineering, but he had never had the same compulsion toward a subject as transcendental as music. Armenian-Syrian heritage has had a profound effect on his songwriting, which has been shaped by his experiences growing up in an Armenian-Syrian household. He has a distinct style of songwriting, which is influenced by personal tales and hardships, as well as daily life.

A career in music was not an easy decision since it meant giving up a secure income and comfort, as well as being subjected to the incessant criticism and rejection of a community that thinks music is just a pastime.

When it came to generating money via music, Ibby was fortunate to have dedicated all of his time and efforts to making music a full-time vocation, performing regular gigs at restaurants, hotels, and lounges.

Having made his mark in the music industry of Dubai, it’s time for him to attempt and break into the worldwide charts, which he’s had some success with on streaming services. The stage is where Ibby is most at home, and he takes his performances very seriously. On stage, all you can see is Ibby playing the guitar and a loop pedal; however, the combination of his heartfelt performance and crowd interaction creates a memorable event that leaves the audience continually wanting more.

It is a dance-pop, new age eclectic sort of summer-feeling music with groovy, funk-inspired verses that ultimately build into an EDM style drop/hook, helping the listener see the words and the sounds as one large image.

On speakers that can bring out the bass and kicks and sub frequencies of the music, the drop is best experienced. However, as the song goes, the verses, hooks, and drops only grow in intensity until they reach their peak at the end of the song.

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