Ian Jazzi – Wetin We Go Do

Ian Jazzi – Wetin We Go Do

Got a lot on your mind lately? Don’t fret, Ian Jazzi has a sedative new piece for you: ‘Wetin We Go Do’. Coming off his forthcoming ”Lockdown EP”, ‘Wetin We Go Do’ is a bouncy new song that is laid atop one of the calmest beats you’ve probably heard in the past few weeks. 

On the surface ‘Wetin We Go Do’ comes off as merely mellow, but it gets deeper halfway through. Ian Jazzi touches on our current predicament: the ongoing pandemic. In a period where mandatory quarantines and lockdowns are seemingly indefinite, the uncertainly that shrouds our tomorrow continually looms. Kudos to Jhuicy for the soothing vocals which we feel gives the song a welcome touch. 

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Ian Jazzi’s blessing us with some good music; doing what he loves. What about you? Stream ‘Wetin We Go Do’ here. 

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