I Might Never Have A Child – Wiyaala

Like I always say, everyone has his/her reasons for doing things and is also entitled to their own views and opinions.

For some people, they might never get married. For others, having a child is the least of their priorities and we understand that.

Well according to celebrated Pop singer, Wiyaala, she might never have a child because that is the least of her priorities.

Wiyaala who has been married for 4 years now indicated that no one makes decisions for her. Not even her manager or her husband.

I Might Never Have A Child – Wiyaala

Deloris Frimpong Manso popularly known as Delay had Wiyaala as her guest on her popular Delay Show where she made these revelations.

When Delay asked her if frankly, she would love to be a mother the “Rock My Body” hitmaker noted that she doesn’t really know now.

Wiyaala however stated that, even if she would give birth then it is going to be just one child, even though it is not at the top of her list.

She also emphasized that she isn’t bothered at all if she doesn’t have a baby and if she would, it is mainly because of her mother.

I Might Never Have A Child – Wiyaala

The singer also wondered how motherhood was going to be for her because she considered it as a “difficult thing”.

She added that, her husband is as well not bothered so it is more like a mutual interest. If she wants to have one that’s cool, if she doesn’t, well they leave it like that.

Watch the video below……

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