“I Guess I Am The Only One” By Lorenzo Gabanizza & Jeff Christie

About Lorenzo Gabanizza

Lorenzo Gabanizza, an Italian singer-songwriter, composer, and guitarist, has been working on a repertoire that spans multiple genres since 1991. Songs like “Someone Waiting at Their Door,” “Roses in the Sky,” and “All the Words We Never Said” have helped Lorenzo gather over 400k Spotify listens and 20,000 monthly listeners in that period and beyond.

Since 1991, when they first crossed paths, Lorenzo has been a part of a number of different bands and ensembles. In 2004, Gabanizza became a member of the band “Christie Again,” which was fronted by Vic Elms. He later composed and produced the song “Meet Me At The River,” which became an overnight success and was included on the album “Christie Again all the hits and more.”

In October of 2021, Lorenzo released a new single that featured Jeff Christie, a musician with multiple platinum certifications. Greg Calbi, an engineer who has worked with Lennon, Bowie, and Dylan, was responsible for the release’s mastering. Later on, the song received incredible press coverage and achieved an impressive lift of accolades, including the following: #1 in the Itunes Country Charts, South Africa; #1 in the European Indie Charts; #4 in the World Indie Charts; #3 in the MTV USA Spotify chart; and the music video for the song won the 4th Golden Wheat Awards, a Toronto Alternative Film Festival, and got an official selection at the Munich Music Video Awards, International Music Awards (London), and Malabar Film Festival (India).

"I Guess I Am The Only One" By Lorenzo Gabanizza
“I Guess I Am The Only One” By Lorenzo Gabanizza

About The Release “I guess I am the only one”

The song has a very serious meaning behind it, despite having a cheery melody and a memorable refrain. It is a criticism of the way people live their lives in this day and age, which can be summed up as a “kingdom of egotism.” People seem to care more about material possessions such as money and nice cars than they do about what should really matter in life, and that is love.

It is also the accusation that there is a deep-seated resentment towards the manner in which society appears to exclude diversity rather than welcome it. They do not see it as a source of wealth but rather as a potential threat. Therefore, there is no possibility. Whoever is different is destined to be rejected and left alone, but the song reiterates this message: even if they don’t accept you, even if they neglect you, don’t change who you are, because if you were to accept to change your nature, you would be fooling the only person that you must not fool: yourself. This is a wonderful message for anyone who might be encompassed by the word “Diversity.”

One rarely encounters a melody that simultaneously makes profound social commentary and has a strong message encouraging the listener to love oneself. The world needs more music like Lorenzo’s, which encourages development, self-acceptance, and the discovery of inner strength. Don’t miss out on the self-love anthem of the moment—”I Guess I Am the Only One”

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