I fell in love when I was in class six – Gina Gee

I fell in love when I was in class six – Gina Gee

Ambandi signed artiste Gina Gee

In a recent interview between musicarenagh and the Ambandi female rapper Gina Gee conducted by Mr Styx, she delve deeper into her personal life her future, whats at stake and talks about her family as whole. she also made some exclusive disclosure.

Enjoy as you read the full interview below :

Mr Styx: To begin with would you mind telling us your name?
Gina Gee: Sure, my birth name is Gina Williams, but I am popularly known as Gina Gee.
Mr Styx: OK then I assume the Gina was derived from your name? But tell me where from the Gee?
Gina Gee: Yes just like you said, Gina is derived from my name but i got the Gee way back when i was in SHS, that was the name my friends used to call me. So after completion i decided to use Gina Gee as ma Showbiz name and the ‘Gee’ simply means an Ambitious,Go_Getta and hardworking person.
Mr Styx: Then I must say that’s a nice name you’ve got, but for how long have been doing music?
Gina Gee: Hahaha Well i loved music since infancy… I started rapping wen i was 9 years old but i took the music seriously wen i completed Shs which was 2011 so professionally its been 7years. And I recorded ma first track in 2010
Mr Styx: Was it a demo or a mastered track?
Gina Gee: It was demo lol u know those days
Gina Gee: I was still in sch then

Mr Styx: 😂😂
Then what was the response when you first told your parents about your intentions to do music… Not all parents support that idea
Gina Gee: Erhm i was the Entertainment Prefect way back in school and ma parents were aware, so to them it was obvious, the guessed I would take this music thing seriously so wen i told them about it they weren’t surprised at all and they truly believe in me, they only adviced me to work harder if thats really what i wanted to do & they conclude they Got ma back
Mr Styx: That’s touching..
Have they ever condemned a song because of it lyrics?
Gina Gee: Well they have never condemned any songs of mine cos i bring out Dope tunes…tunes each and everyone can relate to, and its so amazing, and the response i get from fans when i perform on stage merhnn they just love me and ma tunes trust me though i am an upcoming artist
Mr Styx: That’s amazing.
Gina Gee: Ikr
Mr Styx: So growing up as a young girl what profession did you want to pursue.?
Gina Gee: I always wanted to be part of the media. Been a journalist in addition to the music
Mr Styx: So do you do music as a full time career?
Gina Gee: No pls im a student as well, I am a product of Jayee University..its actually a private university
Mr Styx: Right. What type of music do you do?
Gina Gee: Well i do hip-life,hip hop & Afro pop. I am a Rapper but i discovered ma singing talent not long ago, so i did the singing on a tune i released Just this year titled #MiSumobo. Let tell you something funny, 😂 to my family what I do best is rap, so whenever i open ma mouth to sing at home my Mom gon tell me to shut up cos i sounded horrible but surprisingly after i released the #Misumbo tune & she listened she realized i could even do much better,she didnt believe it was me singing
Gina Gee: I tried lol
Mr Styx: Oh yeah.. I got the chance to listen after it was released, and It’s awesome.
As an upcoming artiste who would you say is your all time favorite musician
Gina Gee: Aaaww thank You. Well I think every artiste is good but i listen to Sarkodie, Stonebwoy, Shatawale nd the Ambandi Boss Capasta, I listen to the songs of these Acts most
Mr Styx: Really? This are from different genres.. Why this names ?
Gina Gee: Yea ikr the fact that i Iisten to their music doesn’t mean they are the pple i imitate….Well i don’t imitate any artist im just doing ma thing and i only look up to God but i can say they are ma favourite artiste so far.
Mr Styx: What influenced you to do rap music? And what influences your lyrics
Gina Gee: Well i get influenced by everyday activities/experiences and i watch what goes on in the society as a whole and i use that to write my songs So everyone can relate to whatever i write or talk about in my songs
Mr Styx: Interesting.Ever felt like quitting /giving up?
Gina Gee: Yeah i have felt like giving up so many times and whenever i feel that way i talk to a close frnd about it she advises and encourages me. And sometimes when i feel like giving up i just think about how i started and how far i have gotten,i mean how far God has brought me and it just aint

the same cos i remember when i started i had to plead on people to put me on bill or give me the chance to perform at a show but now people call me to perform at shows and most of these shows I do charge them, its just marvelous how God has been so good to me even tho i have not reached the level that i want to be im still grateful and im hoping to get there,Life is wat matters if there is life then there is hope so hopefully i will make it trust me🙏
Mr Styx: You would surely make it.. So in your statement you said something about level,
Whats that level you want to reach
Gina Gee: Yea sure wana reach that stage i will be named one of the best female rappers,wana reach a point that i can say to myself that i have achieved all ma aim in this life

Mr Styx: And do you have any fears?
Gina Gee: Ma greatest fear is losing ma love ones
Mr Styx: Yeah.. I know that feeling. Fearsome
Gina Gee: Yeah
Mr Styx: We’ve gotten to the fun aspect, we always have this game we play, and would like to play with you.
It’s very simple and easy. You would be given 10 boxes to choose 3 out off. Each box choose has a question. The rule is simple, just answer with sincerity..


1. 🎁 2. 🎁 3. 🎁 4. 🎁 5. 🎁 6. 🎁 7. 🎁 8. 🎁 9. 🎁 10.🎁
Gina Gee: Alright
Gina Gee: 6,7 and 9
Mr Styx: OK

Mr Styx: This would be fun 😂😂
6 – At what age did you first fall inlove?

Gina Gee: Wen i was in class 6 that was when I found my first love 😌😂
Gina Gee: 7. Myself I’m not interested in beef so i wouldnt beef any artists
Mr Styx: 😂.. Should I say you are scared?
Gina Gee: 😂😂 hell no
Gina Gee:

And let me emphasize on this, I’m not in competition with any artiste.

I’m competing with myself to bring out the best of me watease3 and i believe i told u before that I’m just doing my thing.So if any artist out der try to beef me or bringin out a diss song which goes against me i will just pay no attention to that,i wont mind him or her cos even i replying​ that artiste will be like I’m hyping​ him or her so i wont even mind u
And note that i ain’t scared of any artist
Mr Styx: Nice
Gina Gee: Yea
Mr Styx : 9 – If you had the chance to make a wish what would you wish for?
Gina Gee: 9. if i had the chance to change something it would be poverty

Gina Gee during a stage performance

Gina Gee during a stage performance

Mr Styx: Why poverty?
Gina Gee: Cos its soo appalling…imagine u wana buy something and u don’t have the money to, how would u feel ? You wanna have something but you not getting it, the feeling is bad so if i had the power and chance i would change poverty, myself if i mk it big im gon help much orphanage in soo many ways . And besides and its more blessed to give than to receive so im gon love to help dem to gain more blessings from God
Mr Styx: That’s inspiring, so what would you tell other upcoming artiste?
Gina Gee: Well,will tell dem to keep on working hard,its not easy tho but they should still keep the spirit high,be prayerful & leave the rest to God.You definitely gon reap whatever u sow u know.
Mr Styx: What’s up with the bandana. You Always put on one, is there any secret?
Gina Gee: Its actually For easy recognition.That bandana identifies Gina Gee. Its part of the brand u know ….I remember sometime ago i went for a show and i had to drop at lapaz to pick another car home & anytime im on ma way home i take off the bandana..So the moment i got to Lapaz i was very thirsty so i decided to buy water so i by passed these two ladies and i heard one saying​ its her and the other one saying​ that’s not her,I knew very well it was about me so i got back to them and asked why the fuss? the first lady asked politely please are you not Gina Gee i just laughed and responded No Im Gina cos i don’t have​ my bandana on, I’m only Gina Gee when my bandana is on lol and i later told them not to mind me im Gina Gee
Gina Gee: So actually ma two horns which is ma hair and with the bandana on makes it much easier for people to recognize me even wen i don’t have​ ma bandana on people could still recognize me cos of ma hairstyle

Without my bandana I am not Gina Gee

Without my bandana I am not Gina Gee

Gina Gee: Watease3
Mr Styx: Aane 3no nso y3 fine
Gina Gee: Yeah
Gina Gee: Medaase
Mr Styx: Why would you call you hair horns?
Gina Gee: Lol. Well i got that word from a fan, he said he loved ma two horns and i later realized it was ma hair he was talkin about
Mr Styx: Oh really?
Have you thought about changing your hairstyle?
Gina Gee: Yeah​ yeah.
Gina Gee: I remember i intentionally made a post on fb saying im changing​ ma hairstyle whether u like it Or not
Gina Gee: and the response i got from ma fans was…they don’t like the idea of me changing it,some told me to maintain it but at the end of day im the only person who can decide whether to change it or not
Gina Gee: But i have thought about changing​ it.It wouldn’t be soon tho
Mr Styx: Oh OK
Gina Gee: Yep
Mr Styx: Any upcoming projects we should look out for?
Gina Gee: Yeah​ sure….  remember i told u im gonna  release 2 hip hop  tunes …I changed ma mind cos im working on another tune featuring  Capasta and  its not a hip hop tune,i would replace that tune with  the other hip hop ..so instead of 2 hip hop tunes, its gonna  be 1 hip hop and 1 afro pop and im also working on ma Album so they should all Anticipate
Mr Styx: Is the date out already?
Gina Gee: Not yet out but if anything im gon let them know
Mr Styx: Any last words?
Gina Gee: Yeah​ Sure …I Wana thank all ma Fans and Loved ones so much for been supportive since day one…I really do appreciate and trust me there’s more to come,the fire im coming up with cant be contained.They should keep supporting Gina-Gee.#Fedefedey3nkor Ambaaaaaaaandi!!
Mr Styx: Nice…
Mr Styx: Thank you for your time.
Gina Gee: U welcome and thanks too.

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