“I Don’t See Anything Wrong With Sleeping With My Father” – Lady Insists


“I Don’t See Anything Wrong With Sleeping With My Father” – Lady Insists

I know as you read the headline, you had certain thoughts running through your mind. Well, you are not alone in this.

We keep hearing things in Ghana and so far as we are still alive, we won’t stop hearing them today or tomorrow.

A Ghanaian lady has confessed to have been sleeping with her biological father for the past four years.

According to a report by Ghbase.com, the 24-year old lady made this revelation in an interview with Takoradi-based Fox FM.

She told host, Blaq Sam that even though she has a boyfriend she chose to have sex with her dad out of pity because her mother treated him unfairly.

"I Don't See Anything Wrong With Sleeping With My Father" - Lady Insists
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The said lady also indicated that, her father is not just wealthy and sexy, but better in bed than any other guy she has ever slept with.

One might ask why she feels so comfortable having such relations with her own father who birthed her. She however justified her actions.

The young lady gave biblical backings for cheating on her boyfriend with her own father.

According to her, Genesis 19:31-35 is silent on sexual relationship between parents and their children, so she isn’t worried by any criticisms from anyone.

“The Bible is a two-edged sword and I like the part where it doesn’t speak against such relationships. There are a lot of people doing it and I don’t see anything wrong with that”, she insisted.


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