“I am the one the game has been missing, I am the Boss” says Karoli Naa 

“I am the one the game has been missing, I am the Boss” says Karoli Naa 

In a recent interview between music arena correspondent and Karoli Naa, she disclosed alot about her background, growing up as a  young girl in a different country. She did mention of her new projects as well. 

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​Mr Styx: To begin with would you mind telling us your name?
Karoli Naa: My stage name is Karoli Naa also known as miss Juicy. My given name is Caroline Naa Adjorkor Kwaofio .
Mr Styx: That sounds like a GA woman..

Would you mind telling us more about yourself? 
Karoli Naa: Yes, I am Ga indeed born and raised in Teshie Accra. I came to Montreal Canada with my brothers and sister to meet my father for the first time in my life. The first few years was very hard but I remained strong. I must say that I was always missing Ghana because my mothers family is whom I grew up with, I did not know my other side of the family. Being raised by a stepmother. I had many difficulties but I always stayed focused on education as my father told me once you have education you have everything. I agree. I did very well. I opened my boutique and later on closed it to Persue  my music career and I have been at it for 4 years now . The C.E.O of my brand, a songwriter, producer and entrepreneur, you are looking at a women of all trades .
Mr Styx: Interesting, tell me, how do you see the music  industry in Ghana, most people say we don’t have an industry
Karoli Naa: I see that the music industry in Ghana has grown and there is definitely a huge growth over the years and more successful . I believe that what people mean by that is the fact that they are use to the mainstream media Hollywood . People are use to seeing the same things that they are normally use to. The fact that the Ghanaian music industry is more receiving than any other and easy going may seem like it’s lacking a bit more professionalism. But I disagree I believe that many of these Ghanaian artist are truly blessed and gifted .
Mr Styx: Do you a have a favorite artiste down here in Ghana?
Karoli Naa: Wow that is a very hard question. Because I have so many . I Love Castro, Tinny, Kesse, Gasmilla, Iwan , VVIP, R2Bees, Kaakie Daddy Lumba  and that is just to name a few.
Mr Styx: So can I say you don’t have a favorite Ghanaian artiste?
Karoli Naa:

Yes i believe it’s safe to say that I do not have any favourite artist from Ghana because I am loving them all. Music Is my soul.

Mr Styx: Hahaha trying to play safe

I don’t have a favorite Ghanaian artiste..

Karoli Naa, Oh no I am being sincere I am really loving it
Mr Styx: Have you worked with or intend to work with any of them?
Karoli Naa: Yes I am currently working with Kesse and look forward to working with Kaakie , Reggie Rockstone , Iwan and any other talented Ghanaian artist that would do me that a honour .
Mr Styx: Four years in music production won’t be a bed full of roses.. Have encountered any roadblocks
Karoli Naa: No roadblocks as yet, so far all is blessed by the Grace of God. I am grateful people receive me and my music very well . I have been getting nothing but love.  I am grateful for that.
Mr Styx: Wow that’s amazing.. What genre of music do you do?
Karoli Naa: Yes indeed Thank you . Since I am a rapper HipHop  is my first love . I also love  Afro Beat  and Dancehall . I am so versatile I love all genre including DanceHall  music. I am currently working with the Legend Andrew Black . I am so honoured for this opportunity and hope my fans are ready for this banger . I am blessed all thanks to God.
Mr Styx: So how many hours do you spend in the studio
Karoli Naa: When I go to the studio to record a track or a single I do a 2 hours session. That’s enough for me to complete a song and have it mastered.
Mr Styx: OK so what was the response when you told your parents about doing music?
Karoli Naa: My father still doesn’t know that I am a musician he wanted me to be a Doctor . He was against it from my early childhood . He is the reason why it has only been 4 years of doing music I had dreams to be a musician from my early childhood but my father did not approve.He will not be happy so I rather keep it to myself until he finds out on his own. I am happy I have fans that love what I give them and it what’s keeps me going.
Mr Styx: Really? Am praying he only finds out when you are going for an award. How is it like blending personal life and music production?
Karoli Naa: Lol yes I hope so too that’s he doesn’t find out too soon. I must say It’s not easy but I manage because I really love music so whenever I find time I always invest in my production. Because my personal life can get busy. I have a lot to handle. But I  do it all so well.

Mr Styx : Aside your father wanting you be a doctor, Did you have plans of doing something else? Or lemme say a profession aside music

Karoli Naa: Yes I do. Actually I really loved to study. I did accounting because I loved working with numbers and money of course . I had to drop out due to my living situation. I am a certified dresser and have been doing hair since the age 11 . I later on did dental assistant and dental secretary. I Opened my hair salon at the age of  21 . I also Worked in a dental clinic for a little while and didn’t like it. Now I turned to music has my final calling. Since it’s my first love I couldn’t be happier.

Mr Styx : I love the part you said “I loved working with numbers and MONEY of course” . Tell me what’s that one dream. You want to achieve?

Karoli Naa:

Lol thank you, My ultimate dream to achieve is to see myself performing in a big stadium or field full of millions of fans. Once I touch this much hearts I will know that my dreams of connecting with another  person who understands me had been accomplished, and that my ultimate goals has been succeeded .

Mr Styx : Wow interesting, what’s your biggest fear?

 Karoli Naa: Wow my biggest fear. My biggest fear is  for God to ignore me. To not hear me when I call onto him or simply need guidance. I came into this world God fearing . I can honestly tell you that I fear nothing else.

 Mr Styx : Have you ever felt like quitting?

Karoli Naa: 

Yes sometimes it’ gets very hard for me but I never lose faith. I know I would get payed for all the hard work. So I keep it going.

 Mr Styx : Any message for upcoming artiste?

Karoli Naa: If you are an upcoming artist. It is not easy . People may not understand you and see things your way. Simply remain focus and never lose hope. Lots of hard work and determination is all you need. As long as you are proving yourself your fans will aknowledge and appreciate you.

Mr Styx : Should artiste be paid royalties

Karoli Naa: Yes I believe we all deserve it. Not having royalties is like working for fun. I mean we do it for our fans but it feels good to be rewarded every now and then. It’s like an  extra motivation.

 Mr Styx : We always have this game play, and would like to play with you. 

It’s very simple and easy. You would be given 10 boxes to choose 3 out off. Each box you choose has a question. The rule is simple, just answer with sincerity..
1. 🎁  2. 🎁  3. 🎁  4. 🎁  5. 🎁  6. 🎁  7. 🎁  8. 🎁  9. 🎁  10.🎁

Karoli Naa: I chose 1-7-9

1 – If you had had to change something what would it be?

Karoli Naa: 1-If I had to change something . It would definitely be my view on people. I was once very naïve and believed in everyone. I use to think this world was paradise until I opened my eyes. By biggest challenge yet to find out how so many people can be cruel and not trustworthy.If I knew that sooner I would have avoided a lot dark times in my life.

Mr Styx : Hmm well it’s not too late.

Mr Styx : 7 is next

7 – An artiste you are tired of hearing. 

Karoli Naa: An artist I’m tired of that is very hard since I haven’t been paying close attention. But I do know that the artists that  I hear now wether it is Afro beat , dancehall , Rap or RnB are all good and deserving of their success .

Mr Styx : Sorry but you need to mention  atleast a name. 

Karoli Naa:

The only person I can think of is Nicki Minag. If you want a second one I can say Remy Ma . Why because I feel that their time has expired. They past their  and now they can step aside so that I can grace the game. That rightfully belong to me in the first place. I’m what the game has been missing all along. They were simply filling in the space till the coming of the Original Queen. Boss Karoli Naa.

Mr Styx : Oh my… Coming from a real boss… Love that..

Karoli Naa: Thank you 😌

Karoli Naa: The answer to 9 is : 

Mr Styx : 9 is next 

9 – If you had the chance to make a wish what would you wish for? 

Karoli Naa: Wow. Honestly my wish I’ve had from ever since I was a little girl was to become the Biggest and Richest superstar in the whole entire world . So that I can help the whole entire world.

​Wow. Honestly my wish I’ve had from ever since I was a little girl was to become the Biggest and Richest superstar in the whole entire world . So that I can help the whole entire world.

Mr Styx : Wow.. Interesting.. Really interesting playing with you..

Mr Styx : So what should we expect from Karoli Naa

Karoli Naa: Thank you I had blast. I have a hotx new single coming up ” Tight ” for the ladies that knows they  are blessed with a beauty inside out . For the once that can lock sh*t down without even trying. For the Boss, Divas, and the Ultimate  Queens .

I have a new single coming up.. “TIGHT”

 Mr Styx 😈: Any new projects?

 Karoli Naa: Yes I am currently working on a single with One of the Biggest DanceHall Producer Andrew Blacks Himself , Kesse , Big Shaq , Slim Flex, Spanky Beatz and Urban Deejay and many more. I am focusing  on making as much music for my fans. I am focus on quenching their thirst . I am dedicating most of my time on written , producing and making as much good music for me and my fans. Because I am also a big fan of my work. If I didn’t  think I was good I would have never went to this route and would not be doing this to begin with. I would like to finish my upcoming EP that will be a fusion of all of the influences I”ve had in music HipHop RnB AfroBeat Dancehall and even Alternative .My hearth beats to anything that’s is good. I hope that my music has the same effect on people .

Mr Styx : Any last words?

Karoli Naa: I would like everyone to know that I take my position very serious and to know that I sincerely respect and appreciate them. And for the ladies that i am doing this for you and hope to be able to reconnect with all of my sisters all over the globe .

Love and unity is a must.

Karoli Naa: Thank you so much for the interview I would like to thank you all for taking your time to show Karoli Naa some love . Thank you to Spades , my family and friends that I love so dearly and to all of my fans and supporters . I appreciate you all.

I want to say a big “Thank you” to all my lovely fans

 Mr Styx 😈: Thank you so much for your time. I am very happy this has been successful.. I really appreciate.

Karoli Naa: Perfect thank you I appreciate that

 Karoli Naa: Thank you 🙏 and to my fans you can watch the official video

Or  download my latest hot single “Bars to go”

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