I am better than Akan, Kay T, Gaeta, they are trash am better – Kirani @Ayatmaq

I am better than Akan, Kay T, Gaeta, they are trash am better – Kirani @Ayatmaq

Ayat Salis Maqwam

One of Ghana’s fastest rising artiste Kirani Ayat as he prefers to be called has bluntly stated a number of Ghanaian Artiste he is better than but are receiving more exposure than he is gaining.

Ayat Salis Maqwam stated clearly in a recent interview with Musicarenagh.com correspondent Mister Styx that is he is way better but receiving less than he deserves from Ghanaians.

Professionally Ayat started doing music since 08 – 09 after he realized he wasn’t good at what he loved doing – playing football – coming back to reality he realized his great interest in music, then he started rapping for the fun of it, later it become a hobby,then rapping become part of him.

He later took music seriously and released tracks like, “Play For Keeps, Take Off, Iron Boy, Barisujey, Teeshi, Munzo, Dr Panie, IDKY, Kudi. Ayat is known for his unique style of rapping in Hausa. In one of his songs Kudi he featured “The godMc – M.anifest” he said a line “Ayat style be 24karants make sure you pay him”
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Ghanaians ain't listening to me well - Kirani Ayat

Ghanaians ain’t listening to me well – Kirani Ayat

After studying some of his all time best artiste he came up with his own style of music Afro Spiritual Music, which is becoming mainstream. He’s unique style of rapping, delivery, wordplay tells he is underrated. During performance he sometimes makes paintings on his body, and interestingly every painting on his body has a meaning or tells a story, he said One of my idols Fela kuti was the first person I saw with body arts so I imitated him.

During the interview he was asked to mention some Ghanaian acts he’s better than and he said

Akan, Daney king Eli, Kay T, Gaeta, and everyone in TSD (This Shid Different). I’m better they trash.

One fascinating thing about the names he mentioned was his colleague Akan , he teamed up with him to form a group know as ASWOLES, and was featured on Akan’s Ep (Akan Ep) Track 09 – I doubt that which was produced by Twistedwavex.

He did mention of his debut album dubbed Aisha’s sun, he didn’t say much about it, he just said wait on it! Ayat is truly an Artiste worth listening to. Listen to his songs and have a feel of Afro Spiritual Music.

Well that wasn’t the only Revelation he made he did mention of his interests, his biggest inspiration as well his fears and what he wants to be known for et el.
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