HVIRESS New Music Video For “No Exit”


The musical offspring of Hana Piranha and Mishkin Fitzgerald, HVIRESS specialises in esoteric sounds (Birdeatsbaby). Since their first tour together in 2013, when they discovered they had more in common than simply rock music, the two have become passionate friends and writing collaborators. Both the Catholic and the Protestant had sheltered upbringings that placed a premium on discipline and success. Although neither had much exposure to mainstream culture, they were both interested in rock music as a means of expressing their emotional anguish.

Each found relief in songwriting, and in 2014, when Birdeatsbaby’s original violinist announced her resignation from the band, Hana stepped in, and the pair have since had a fruitful musical partnership. Both groups immediately launched an extensive tour together, during which they indulged in every conceivable rock and roll extravagance. This was all going well until 2016 when the extreme lifestyle finally became unsustainable. It was time to take a breather and reevaluate everything, even the romantic relationship that had developed between them.

Although they were still travelling extensively when they entered their 30s, they had a more defined goal in mind: building a successful career on the strength of their songwriting and their own unique identities as artists. Their shared interest in the occult and the afterlife led them to decide to work together on a new, dark electronic project called HVIRESS. As always, Hana looked to the classics for inspiration, and her plan for the project was heavily influenced by Greek mythology and its aesthetics. Mishkin’s interest in the occult and his unconventional approach to music theory contributed to the group’s out-of-the-ordinary and magical sound.

Mixing duties were handled by LA-based songwriter and producer Evan Rodaniche for the duo’s debut EP, which they wrote along with composer and producer Garry Mitchell (Birdeatsbaby) (Cage9). The duo’s visual art is taken to new heights thanks to their work with long-time friend and partner, Scott Chalmers, the maestro of the macabre. HVIRESS is the product of two self-motivated women who set out to make meaningful music.


About The Release

The electronic goddesses of death pop, HVIRESS, are back with a new song and music video called “No Exit,” which is based on a play by Jean-Paul Sartre. Sulfur-hot vocals from Hana and Mishkin complement the song’s gradual, ominous rise to an explosive, hook-driven chorus. You may find No Exit on Give/Take Records’ collection “This Is Deathpop,” which also covers a number of other pioneers of the genre.

The Los Angeles and Minnesota-based Give/Take record label specialises on electronic-oriented, auteur-driven experimental projects (host to David J Haskins of Bauhaus, Love & Rockets). Scott Chalmers, Evan Rodaniche (Cage9), and Garry Mitchell (Birdeatsbaby) have worked with HVIRESS for a long time, and they are the brains behind the production and directing of the accompanying film.


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