How Celebrities Reacted to Strongman’s “Don’t Try” Diss Song


How Celebrities Reacted to Strongman’s “Don’t Try” Diss Song

The rap game is getting sweeter and very interesting with time looking at what is going on right now.

One diss song after the other, throwing shots here and there, punches just flying around!

It all started when Medikal claimed in a viral tweet that he saved rap in Ghana some four years ago.

This assertion of his came after he won the Best Rapper Of The Year award at the 20th Edition of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

Out of the blues, Kwesi Arthur also dropped a new song dubbed “Thoughts of King Arthur 4” speculated by many to be a diss song to Medikal.

How Celebrities Reacted to Strongman's "Don't Try" Diss Song
Strongman Burner

Medikal has also responded to the alleged diss song directed at him in a single titled “To whom it may concern”.

In Medikal’s reply, he mocked Pappy Kojo saying he isn’t consistent. Not just that, he threw shots at Strongman too.

But well, Strongman has also given the AMG rapper a taste of his own medicine. He warned Medikal not to try him.

Social media has been buzzing from the very time Strongman released “Don’t try”. The boy is on some other level trust me.

Some celebrities have reacted to Strongman’s song and we at have some sampled some few ones.

Remember Medikal jabbed M.anifest some weeks ago? He couldn’t help but just laugh.

The content machine Kwadwo Sheldon just made this one for us. This guy eh….

Joey B had to commend Strongman for this one…

Shatta Wale the beef master lol

Kojo Cue was wondering

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