Honey Finally Premieres Her Newest Single ‘Love Me’

American singer, songwriter, and composer Honey Ribar.

Honey Ribar has won over admirers worldwide with her incredible voice, which has helped her video go viral with over half a million views in only three days.

In the wake of the release of her first three singles—”Rumors,” “Plastic,” and “Have Mercy”—Honey has emerged as a formidable new voice in the pop music landscape.

Honey has been quite productive over the last year, as seen by the abundance of new music she has written and recorded. Honey’s battle with addiction turned around once she chose to become clean a few months after the epidemic struck.

Honey was able to analyse her feelings and investigate the source of her suffering and prior trauma via her writing and attention to the 8 dimensions of well-being while she was in recovery.

Songs like “Oh Lawd” and “Sleeping Ugly” on Honey’s new album give listeners a glimpse of her arduous process of healing and reveal her extraordinary feelings.

The song “Love Me” is about the pain of never feeling really loved and accepted, even at your lowest points. It’s normal to be apprehensive from time to time and worry about the worst-case scenario.

If you saw my darkest clouds, would you still love me?” I’m sure everyone has resonated with this in some way. I think at one point or another we experience these questions that run through our minds, and I wanted to share mine in a song. It’s not to say God doesn’t love us, he does, and he knows our thoughts and hearts.

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