HOAX Finally Present Much-anticipated Album “b?”

If there is one project many people have been looking up to then it certainly got to be that of HOAX.

Their newest album titled “b?” is a 17-track album which is a premier concept album with a compelling narrative focus that explores the insides of BEING vs. DOING.

The concepts centered around the concept of BEING represent the entire concept of shifting from a DO-er to a BE-er.

The story isn’t intended to just be cryptic or great; rather, it’s just a straightforward truth that was quietly realized. Each track is created from the viewpoint of a different personality who investigates the ethereal ideas at the heart of “BEING.”

The American music duo is optimistic that their fans and every other fans of this album will encounter such joy and happiness through them.

It’s time that you made this music your own by taking these scenarios into consideration, thinking about them, and composing music about them.

The album is a collection of songs that explores the stories of individuals who find themselves forced together following a disaster. Listen to the project below.

Michael Raj and Frantz Cesar are the members of the Queens, New York-based indie pop-rock duo HOAX. Their music is influenced by a variety of genres, including the 60s and 70s pop, alternative R&B, and Motown.

Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok and Instagram. Check out their website too.

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