Hemes Releases Latest Single ‘Faking A Smile’

Hemes Releases Latest Single ‘Faking A Smile’

Hemes Releases Latest Single ‘Faking A Smile’

The fourth single from Hemes‘ first EP “Matters of the Mind” is “Faking a Smile.” Faking a Smile delves at the topic of masking sentiments and how they may be hidden behind a smile, as well as how mental health is frequently hidden on the surface when someone appears to be ok.

Hemes Releases Latest Single ‘Faking A Smile’



Faking a Smile is lyrically and melodically engaging, with textures reminiscent of Griff and Mimi Webb coupled with R&B tunes reminiscent of Ariana Grande and The Weekend. The production comprises of happy guitar with electrical soundscapes, accompanying sorrowful harmonies and euphoric beats, and faking a grin is a bittersweet pop tune that will have you dancing along.

Speaking about the track Hemes says “I used to put some makeup on an instantly act like I was okay, and I decided to use this concept in the song because often there’s more than what meets the eye, sometimes the happiest person can actually be really struggling inside so I wanted to raise more awareness around this“.

Hemes was born in South Wales to Arabic parents, and her passion for music and composition grew from being nurtured amid a mix of western and Middle Eastern music. She draws inspiration from personal experiences of growing up, mental health, and self-discovery. The new track ‘Faking a grin’ follows her previous release ‘Headache,’ which received support from BBC introducing (Adam Walton and Bethan Elfyn), as well as singles from her EP landing on the BBC Radio Wales A-list.

The track is lyrically engaging and relatable, “I put on a face and hide behind the makeup” relates to the concept of hiding true feelings and how this is often overlooked in society because someone looks okay. Speaking more about the track Hemes says “I wanted the production itself to feel more cheerful, with darker lyrics in order to really capture the contradicting feelings in the song

Hemes was just named one of the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge Introducing 2021 contenders, and he has performed at the Liverpool Sound City Festival 2021 (digital), Focus Wales, and Swansea fringe festival. This year, Hemes is also a part of the Forté Project, an artist development programme supported by the PRS Foundation.

The track was co-written and produced by Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Daniel John Eans, speaking about the collaboration hemes says “It definitely helps that we live together, we always talk about concepts and ideas and this was a great example of an idea that started in our living room“.

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