Have A Sense Of Fulfilment With Clammy Hands’ “I Feel Alive Woo Yeh”

Have A Sense Of Fulfilment With Clammy Hands’ “I Feel Alive Woo Yeh”

London-based anonymous bedroom pop duo, Clammy Hands have come off with this song titled “I Feel Alive Woo Yeh”.

The song is about finding meaning in the mundane aspects of daily existence. They understand that people are frequently pressured from the outside to adhere to society’s image of a “successful artist” which includes flashy automobiles, large homes, fashionable clothes, and so on.

But trying to fit into this mold frequently leads to artists comparing themselves to one another, and Clammy Hands have discovered that to be extremely damaging to an artist’s development and mental health.

The message is pretty clear. All they are saying through this song is that, if you can learn to appreciate the small pleasures in life, you’ll be successful.

They’ve got together to develop a partnership that allows them to be their goofy selves, with no constraints or expectations, since they’re frustrated with the limitations of their own personal identities as successful solo artists.

Musically, they sound like naughties indie-bands (with a 2021 sad-boy twist), and their lyrics are genuine and accessible to other outcasts all across the world.

Listen to the song and follow them on Instagram via @weareclammyhands.

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