Harry Taylor Presents A Pop-Rock Ballad About Falling In Love In ‘My Youth’

My Youth is a pop-rock song performed by Harry Taylor. It is about the experience of falling in love so deeply that one is prepared to give up everything for it.

Harry Taylor is an Italian artist who works and lives in Brooklyn, New York City at the present time. He is a vocalist, composer, and record producer, therefore he has built a whole sound that provides the impression of being very dynamic and eclectic.

His diversified output in the studio seems like a fantastic depiction of what this artist is capable of doing, with the main purpose of communicating with the audience via the medium of music and sharing personal experiences through musical expression.

Harry’s interest in using his guitar as a means of self-expression dates back to when he was only a middle school student. Later on, he honed his abilities as a guitarist and broadened his background to include a concentration on music production as a whole. This allowed him to exert an even higher level of control over the tonality, aesthetics, and expressiveness of his musical compositions.

Harry speaks in his new song about what it feels like to be head over heels in love with someone, to the point that even the things that are very awful may be transformed into something that is so lovely.

Mike Mroz, who was responsible for producing the song, was influenced by rock bands from the early 2000s and the early 2000s itself. As a result, the production features electric guitars and complete drum kits. When it came to the instruments of this pop song, he figuratively and practically turned them into the main character.

It ends up being the ideal combination of pop rock bands from the 2000s and the skilled storytelling abilities of songwriters such as Julia Michaels, Lorde, and Taylor Swift (Folklore Taylor).

This passionate love tale is told from Harry’s perspective, and it takes you into the nuances of what it’s like to be young and in love at the same time.

When I fall in love I always end up falling so hard. I love the idea of a hardcore relationship just like the ones from the movies. A young love where they make mistakes along the way, love and hate each other at the same time. The paradox of building up something important just to destroy everything 2 seconds later because you know that you both would be back and start it all over again.

You are able to feel the emotion building up over the whole of the song until the very final chorus, at which point the feelings are at their peak and it seems as if someone is shouting in wrath, almost like some kind of desperate proclamation of love.

Give take a listen for yourself, and immerse yourself completely in this snippet of a love tale that is at once tragic, passionate, and damned.

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