Harry Taylor Has Released A Heartfelt New Song ‘Cross the Skyline’

Harry Taylor is an Italian-born New York City-based artist. When it comes to his music, it’s a well-rounded sound that’s both dynamic and eclectic.

Everything from electropop to the ’80s new-wave sound of bands like Bleachers and 1975s is welcome.

With a major purpose of telling tales via music and connecting with the audience in mind, his studio output is a superb illustration of what this artist can do.

Harry has been using his guitar to express himself since he was in middle school. Finally, after years of practice, he honed his guitar talents and broadened his horizons to include music production, which allowed him to manage his music in more ways than one.

New York City isn’t just a location in this song; it’s a character, a wonderful environment that becomes the artist’s greatest friend. This is a song that everyone can relate to.

If you’ve ever had to relocate, particularly to a big metropolis like New York City, you know how stressful and challenging it can be to adjust.

On the plus side, you get to see the world, meet new people, and have experiences that will last a lifetime. Resolving past wrongs and opening yourself up to everything that city has to offer is key to successful reentry into the community.

Even though it’s a classic pop song, it’s innovative and clever in the way it integrates many themes while yet staying infectiously catchy and straightforward! In addition to the song’s significance, it’s an amazing piece of music.

In terms of the quality of the manufacture, it stands out from the others. Balanced and focused on detail, the sound is sharp, angular, and harsh.

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