Harry Klein Is “Running Out Of Time” In His New Release.

This track features Harry mesmerising audiences with a sensual combination of booming sounds and rich poetry that pushes the boundaries of current pop into bizarre territory and imparts a pretty unique emotionality for the genre.

This song is about the desire to create and the sense of always being behind schedule. This impulse to create work against the clock may be a powerful motivator, but it can also be a prison in an endless pursuit of the optimal level of production. 

After the breakup of the Sydney jazztronica duo F00L, Harry has been looking for time and space to develop his solo approach. He has a number of releases scheduled for this year. Harry’s music is a dark hybrid of electronica, pop, and dance, and it has polyphonic melodies.

The song “Running Out of Time” will be made available for streaming on all platforms on August 11, along with cassette and vinyl records. The months of September and October will see the publication of two further singles, and the month of November will see the release of Harry’s first album, which is titled “And Then There Was None.”

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