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About GAZ

The pop-classic-rock band GAZ epitomises rock & roll with their own blend of vintage, foot-tapping beats and rousing guitar riffs. In February of 2018, GAZ released “Watergazed”, a joyful and whimsical debut album produced and mastered by George Shilling. Taking the audience back in time to the days of chart-topping acts like the Stones, the Beatles, and Chuck Berry. GAZ has devoted their careers to making songs that will make fans of all ages feel sentimental. The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Who, The Beatles, CCR, ZZ Top, T. Rex, and Led Zeppelin are just a few of the iconic bands that have left an indelible mark on them.

Twenty years ago, in the city of Barcelona, GAZ was founded. Three friends, fueled by their shared love of music, go on a mission to write and perform songs that inspire and delight listeners. Josep Antoni Lopez, lead singer and bassist, also writes lyrics, draws on a wide range of personal experiences. Consistent with their reputation, GAZ is built on the shoulders of Jordi Perdigo’s huge guitar riffs, Albert Perdigo’s percussion fills, and Josep Antoni Lopez’s potent vocals.


About The Release “Happy Girl”

These days, all it takes is a few taps on your touchscreen to find yourself in a modern love story. In “Happy Girl,” a rock song based on a true experience Josep (lead vocals/bass) had to tell, Gaz expresses their inner Gen-Z/Millennial moment. Even though it’s set in the present day, “Happy Girl” sounds decidedly retro, right down to the opening guitar lines.

The bridge/interlude features layered distorted guitar and bass solos that would be welcome in a London basement club in the year 1977. You could dance the night away with the protagonist of “Happy Girl” and maybe even steal a kiss or two from her in her pink pants.

It’s clear from the sounds and textures of the instruments and vocals that Gaz is having a blast in this bouncy rock-driven track. Anyone who listens to the song online immediately feels happier and more nostalgic. We’re all here to witness Gaz’s Twist and Shout moment.

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