Hannah Dorman Dominates The Airwaves With Her Ep “222”

On her most recent EP, “222,” singer and songwriter Hannah Dorman continues to win over critics and fans with her pleasant tone, sincere lyrical approach, and modest poetics. The best of which, I would think, might very easily be included inside an EP’s five episodes. It combines rock and commercial pop elements to create a style that has embodied Hannah’s artist identity since the beginning of her career. “222” builds on the concepts of strength and self-love introduced in the lead song “Fire,” encouraging you to be yourself. 

“222” is named after angel numbers since their presence was constant and forceful during the development of this body of work. Hannah’s next projects will carry on the new age of “manifestation” and “celebrating who you are.” The voice of Hannah Dorman soars to the heavens with a straightforward stride, yet apart from her stark delivery, “222” contains virtually nothing that I would classify as quiet. No matter how many times you’ve heard this song before, it still has the power to bring a smile to your face and make you feel better, just like a ray of sunshine on an otherwise cloudy afternoon.

The EP is co-written with Irish pop singer songwriter Ivon Roberts (2.7 million Spotify streams) and produced by Sam Ray (of the synth pop duo Friday Night Firefight). The trio came together at a songwriting camp in Spain in March 2022 and have been making music ever since.

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