Gus Brandelius Collaborates With Dogge Doggelito On Latest Single ‘När Jag Var Liten’

Gus Brandeliu is a musician who resides in Stockholm and is most influential in laid-back and peppy hip hop. He often works in partnership with rappers and producers like Kitok. His music has a laid-back quality to it, and it is full of easygoing melodies that float over contemporary rhythms and electronic accompaniment.

The Swedish musician has recently released a number of tunes that expand upon his upbeat and rap-influenced rhythmic style.

From his Stockholm headquarters, he produces and creates all of his music, drawing inspiration from all different kinds of hip hop music over the years as well as other kinds of musical genres.

Gus Brandelius Collaborates With Dogge Doggelito On Latest Single 'När Jag Var Liten'
Gus Brandelius Collaborates With Dogge Doggelito On Latest Single ‘När Jag Var Liten’

His most recent track, “Nar Jag Var Liten” which translates to “When I Was Young,” includes Dogge Doggelito, who is widely considered to be the most renowned rapper to ever come out of Sweden. He was the lead for the well-known group “The Latin Kings,” who in the nineties was one of the most successful urban hip-hop groups to begin rapping in Swedish.

We had a lengthy conversation, during which Gus opened up to us about his musical career and his most recent single.

What is your real and official showbiz name?
Gus Brandelius is my artist name. My real name is Richard Brandelius.
The featuring artist, ( a two-time Grammy award winner with “Latin Kings”) is “Dogge Doggelito” and his real name is Douglas Leon.

Where are you from (hometown)?
I’m born in Hultsfred which is known for Sweden’s most legendary festival. But I live in and see Stockholm as my hometown since about 6-7 years ago.

What or whom do you go to for inspiration or motivation?
I try to find most of my music from inside myself and my own feelings. When I listen to music for enjoying myself it’s mostly newer indie rock hip-hop vibe to the music that’s pretty big underground in the US.

How did you get into music?
As grown up in a small village that started Sweden’s biggest music festival I’ve been close to music since a little kid. But it was not until around the age of 20 I started to take it a little bit more seriously.

What are some of the obstacles you encounter in your career?
The biggest obstacle I think for any independent artist is to get heard. if you are not signed to a big label it’s very hard to get thru all the noise and get seen. Your average joe usually tends to only listen to music with a big following.

I feel it’s mostly your fellow musician that gives you a chance, in the beginning, the rest of the people comes after you get some recognition. Now I’m lucky to work with a famous producer “Kitok” on my songs and work with more famous artists like Dogge Doggelito. That helps a lot!

What field or genre are you into and give a brief description of what your field feels like?
My music I would describe as somewhere in the field of electronic indie rock pop hip-hop. It will give you a touch of 90/00’s hip-hop with a taste of a newer sound of the 2020s.

What distinguishes you as a creative individual?
I write all the music beats myself, all the lyrics and both sing/rap on most of my tracks. I’m also a decent mixing engineer and do some of the mixings but I leave most of it for my co-producer Magnus “Kitok” Ekelund.

What does your current song/album mean to you?
This song is meant to send you back to the ’90s when Hip-hop started to blow up in Sweden and Dogge Doggelito was big with his group Latin Kings. The lyrics are about stuff we all did as kids or teenagers like hiding behind the classroom and smoking your first cigarette!

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