GURLIK Takes Us On A Ride In Their “Time Box”


GURLIK is a music project that creates music in a variety of genres and has its headquarters in the Baltimore/Washington area. The music of GURLIK is a one-of-a-kind fusion of jazz, classical, progressive pop, and other aesthetically pleasing tones. GURLIK consistently strives to be sincere and musically engaging, despite the band’s use of a wide variety of musical styles. 

Phil Gurlik is responsible for writing and producing all of the music, and he is assisted in both creativity and technical aspects by his brother Robbie and Joe LoCascio. Phil Gurlik received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Music and Painting after completing his studies at a number of different schools. Before the year 2000, he was a member of the alternative rock band The Tunes, which was based in Houston, Texas.

In addition, he has been a part of a number of other performing ensembles. As an audio engineer and producer, he was responsible for the recording of a number of jazz and crossover records for independent labels, some of which reached the top of the national charts. The band GURLIK is currently hard at work recording new material for their upcoming album.


About the release “Time Box”

One of the best albums of the year thus far, “Time Box” incorporates aspects of jazz, pop, classical avant-garde, and even world music. GURLIK’s debut is one to be proud of by all accounts. Instrumental genres range from pop/jazz to Neo classical on the first album by the GURLIK music project. 

The songs on this album will appeal to a wide variety of people. This isn’t your normal “songs” album; it’s a completely unique collection of music. Incorporating a variety of styles, this 12-track album is both engaging musically and genuine in its emotional content. 

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