Guitar Specialist Jim Green Out With “The Knower and the Known”

Jim Green’s songs convey such a variety of moods, situations, and guitar mastery that they cannot be categorized. It has been seven years since Green’s previous album, “True North,” which received widespread critical acclaim, but the acoustic finger-style guitarist is not done yet and has released his latest track, “The Knower and the Known.” Green, who is known for his intensely percussive guitar work, exploits the gentleness and musical mystery that True North provided for its audible protagonists.

Chicago-based guitarist and singer/songwriter Jim Green has transcended popular genres since his debut in 1999. His own unique path was not found by following the well-trodden paths of other musicians. Following great guitarists like Michael Hedges, he uses a piano-like approach to the guitar, employing unique guitar tunings, percussive rhythms, harmonics, and finger-tapping. For the most part, Jim Green’s live performances feature steel and nylon-string guitar, resulting in avant-garde music with hints of rock, folk, flamenco, and blues, among other styles.

Guitar Specialist Jim Green Out With "The Knower and the Known"
Guitar Specialist Jim Green Out With “The Knower and the Known”

Even though Jim Green’s unconventional percussion playing technique has garnered a lot of attention, he considers himself a songwriter first and a guitarist second. “My songs are the musical result of self-discovery and the sonic exploration of the guitar. The techniques are not meant to be seen or heard as tricks, but instead to be a tool of expression, hopefully resulting in a connection with the listener.”

It was Green’s relentless pursuit of perfection that catapulted him from the notice of a street musician to the attention of Billboard Magazine editors, who proclaimed him “one of the best independent artists in the Midwest.” America, Lucas Nelson, Ann Wilson (Heart), Pat Benatar, Credence Clearwater Revisited, Poi Dog Pondering, Johnny Rivers, Muriel Anderson, Dire Straits, and Legacy are just a few of the acts he has opened for. Over 180 radio stations in the US and Canada, including NPR’s Echoes program, have played and praised his latest song, True North, which is his sixth overall. 

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