Growing your natural hair isn’t as difficult as you thought – @Afrocabello

Growing your natural hair isn’t as difficult as you thought – @Afrocabello

Afrocabello hair growth kit


Hair that Slays starts with Afrocabello. Whether you’ve got black or colored hair, natural hair or transitioning from perm to natural hair, our all in one hair care package can revitalize, nourish and solve All your hair care needs.

Growing your natural hair is easy with afrocabello

Growing your natural hair is easy with afrocabello

In order to have a successful natural hair journey, you must first understand exactly what the term natural hair really means.

There are several different definitions of the term, but below I’ve provided the most common definition for natural hair, and the one that we will talk about most often on Afrocabello.

“The term natural hair is defined as relaxer-free hair, which is different from chemical-free hair. Chemicals, on the surface, are often considered dangerous, but this is often times not the case at all. Most chemicals that you encounter on a daily basis are perfectly safe and harmless. For example, water or H2O is a safe chemical.”

Afrocabello is about helping you understand your natural hair and providing you with information and resources to achieve healthy natural hair. We often interview other naturals on the blog because we want to give everyone the opportunity to share their experiences with natural hair. We often learn the most by reading and analyzing other people’s experiences.

Now this is how to get a guaranteed growth without stress!!
1. Shampoo is made from carefully selected herbs that has premature graying properties devoid of harsh toxic chemicals.
2. Conditioners softens and nourishes the hair to restore lost vitamins
3. Hair growth herbal mix that repairs damaged hair, increase hair volume and quicken hair growth.

Hair growth kit

Hair growth kit

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