Greyson Chance Displays Intense Emotions In “My Dying Spirit”

Greyson Chance has re-emerged in the music scene, this time bearing an intense song and a music video to accompany it.

The song “My Dying Spirit” is an expression of his innermost thoughts and feelings; it features a new and exciting sound that demonstrates his inventiveness and appeals to the listener’s feelings.

This song is about making it a point to keep your gut feelings, your heart, and your soul safe. I can tell you felt that.

With his music, he exudes originality that immediately distinguishes him and proves that his voice is truly remarkable.

It’s hard, it burns, it doesn’t back down, and it’s the most complete statement yet of the sense of importance he gives to every task he undertakes.

This song represents his acceptance of his feelings; it was written over a period of time during which he relived his events emotionally through music.

Listen to the song below and follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok. Watch the video as well.


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