Great EP From Xcellence – “afterHOURS”

About Xcellence

Xcellence, the stage name of classically trained musician and self-taught composer and producer Nikolas Papadopoulos, is emblematic of the next generation of electronic musicians.

Many media outlets and industry experts have hailed him as one of the most innovative and adaptable Greek musicians, and with each new music he has shown that his unique musical voice is easily distinguishable from the crowd. His grand, minimalistic style is reflected in his productions and his visuals, both of which contribute to his distinctive aesthetic.

Xcellence is one of the most promising new artists in electronic music, with releases that have been supported by Proximity and MrSuicideSheep, among others, reached the top five of several charts on Soundcloud and Audiomack, and been included in Spotify and Soundcloud editorial playlists.

Similarly, Papadopoulos is in high demand as a performer. He spends his days actively engaged in music in a wide variety of contexts, whether as a solo performer or as a member of one of the many ensembles he belongs to (such as the European Student Orchestra or a chamber group). For example, as Xcellence, he has played at the Primer Music Festival in Greece and given two critically acclaimed concerts where he performed his own original projects Sleepless and Z live with a 15-piece percussion ensemble.

Great EP From Xcellence - "afterHOURS"
Great EP From Xcellence – “afterHOURS”

Photo credits: George Kremonas

About the release “afterHOURS”

From the mind of Greek classical percussionist, composer, and electronic music producer Nikolas Papadopoulos (aka Xcellence) comes “afterHOURS,” an EP that explores the concept of time inside a modern, hyperactive reality.

At the beginning of “HOURS,” a percussion-like sound can be heard. In the “afterHOURS” universe, the repetition of a sound signifies the passing of time.

And that’s the rub, right there. How about keeping track of the hours that pass? Or are you going to let Time win?

As Xcellence was last year preparing for his Classical Percussion diplomatic exams and also teaching on the same subject, he had an epiphany that would spark the idea for this project. He intended for the EP to exist only in the context of its listeners’ minds.

He stated ” ‘afterHOURS’ for me lives inside those hours after your daily life takes place. When you are riding the bus back home after work, or when the adrenaline from your hyperactive day is still keeping your tired body awake. If you ever catch yourself counting the seemingly never-ending hours in your day, I want you to think about how this record makes you feel. Or rather what this record made you think.”

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